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Why buy a BGA Rework Station from TBRM over another brand? This is often a concern for those both experienced and new to the industry. Our job is not to sell you a unit, our job is to make the best possible and most reliable BGA Rework Station for our customers.

We will list out a few key benefits that our company offers:

Each BGA Rework Station is tested by a trained technician before being shipped. We are not a mass production facility.

All models come with a limited lifetime warranty, if workmanship is ever an issue you will not owe us anything. We will cover all parts and labor and ship the unit back to you with proper insurance.

Many hobbyist technicians are looking for the cheapest bga station they can buy, and when they decide to migrate from hobbyist to full fledged technician they typically purchase another unit with better heating capability. With the TBRM, all of our units are upgradable to the Pro model and will also support future upgrades.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our BGA Rework Station, when a new revision is released customers with a previous can send in their units to us and pay a nominal fee to have it upgraded to the latest version.

Full training on the BGA Rework Station is available on request, we can even have a technician fly out to your facility and train you on your own unit.

Profile development is a huge part of reworking, having the proper profile can either make or break the reworking repair. There is nobody better to help develop your profile than the technician that performed the final inspection of your unit.

You may already have a BGA Rework Station from another brand that you find lacking in certain areas and you want to purchase a TBRM. Send your old BGA Rework Station to us, and we will offer you a credit towards the purchase of  the 3 zone model.

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