Elstein heaters

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Elstein heaters are a proven choice in BGA rework stations. Known for their quality, reliability and longevity Elstein heaters have proved themselves time and time again when it comes to heating in general. The largest concern when developing a profile for BGA reworking is ensuring the heating is even. If the heating is not even parts of the board will have different temperatures and can affect the profile greatly. With lead free profiling is extremely important as we are dealing with much higher temperatures and the risk of package damage is much more probably than compared to lead profiling. Modern packages can tolerate around 250c, with the last step of the profile bringing the solder balls to a molten 235c there is not much room for error.

The BGA Rework Machine works directly with Elstein in order to have the highest quality heaters in our products. Wattage was chosen carefully in order to provide ample power for heating multi layer boards and POP BGA chipsets. Having too much power can cause too high of  a ramp as well as overshoot. A low amount of power means the heaters have to struggle to maintain a set temperature and may not provide adequate heat for certain chipsets as a side effect the increased work will cause the life of the heaters to degrade substantially.

Not all heating elements are the same. Initially when affordable rework stations entered the market IR became quite popular and many opted for full IR machines due to the cost. The manufacturers were able to pump out these affordable IR rework stations with little cost due to the quality of parts and the lack of complicated pump and nozzle systems found in Hot air stations.

Although these machines boasted high wattage heaters the reliability and uniformity of heating was simply not there. With many of these machines being used by reworkers eventually IR became frowned upon. This is when the more expensive Hot air machines started to appear on the market. The goal of TBRM is to focus on bringing IR rework machines into level playing field and to introduce focused IR in the near future. Technology is constantly evolving and we are ready to utilize them to provide the best quality repair equipment.

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