Board flex during rework

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Board flex while reworking is an inevitable issue thats going to happen unless you properly clamp the board through the use of a board support. The BGA Rework Machine comes with a 16 point board support to help prevent board flex. Can flex still occur? Yes of course it can, no support system can truly prevent all board flex but they can definitely provide as much support as they can to reduce chances your board warping. Profiles of course play a role in board warpage, and by utilizing our 16 point board support system along with a properly developed profile, you can feel confident that all your reflows and reballs will come out successfully.

Board Supports ALWAYS


There is simply no way around it. If you plan to heat a pcb board past 80c you will need a board support. It is essential in BGA reworking. The purpose of supporting a board is to keep it from bending which is known as flexing. If you take a flat board and remove a BGA package from the board you will notice it is now curved. That is called board flex and there is now a slim chance that this particular board will work again. Internal traces become damaged during flex, think about it with these multi layer boards there are tons of copper lines throughout the layers and when the board bends, the lines are going to be stretched and probably bend;

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