Professional Rework Station Model

The Professional rework station is targeted for technicians that want the most control over their rework process. It is a Full 3 Zone IR system. There are very few 3 Zone IR rework stations on the market, and none that use all Elstein heaters [Made in Germany]. The heaters feature a color change function, the color will become darker when they are on and return to the original color when off. This is aid in troubleshooting the unit. It features 4 120 x 60mm preheater at a total of 2000 watts with a 60 x 60mm top heater and bottom heater at 250 watts each. This unit operates on 220-240v at about 11.3 amps. Being a 3 Zone rework station there are 3 PID controllers installed a PC410 to control the top heater using a profile, and Dual Omega PIDs to control the preheater and bottom heater both using a set temperature.

Inside the unit are Opto22 relays [Made in USA] rated at 10 amps each. There are 2 exhaust fans located in the rear of the unit and another located near the controllers, this helps to keep the components from overheating. Underneath the heating elements is a thick sheet of thermal barrier insulation. Ceramic terminal blocks are used to connect all heating elements to the Opto22 relays. The wires are installed in fiberglass insulation tubes to prevent damage to the insulation. The Professional rework station model features a 16 point support system, utilizing 8 top side supports and 4 bottom bars with a total of 8 stand offs. This prevents flex in both directions. It is recommended to use as much support as possible, with the importance becoming crucial as board size increases.

Extra features included in this model are a built in vacuum pump and a cross flow cooling fan. These are not available in other models.

The Professional rework station model is customizable and will have future upgrades available such as an inspection system. Please speak to a distributor for any inquiries.

TBRM Manual